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How To Rid Your Home of the House Mouse...


My name is Ralph. I am a former Urban Wildlife Manager in the State of Pennsylvania. I was a certified pesticide applicator, and was registered with the PA Department of Agriculture, and was fully insured up to $500,000. I also held all licenses required by the PA Game Commission. I operated my business successfuly for over 5 years, till an ankle injury left me unable to work from ladders.

I believe that my studies and my "in the field experience", left me no choice but to write this guide for the average person to do this yourself and save a ton of money!

The "How to Rid Your Home of the House Mouse" guide is a user friendly booklet (guide), written in everyday language. Studies have shown that 6 out of 10 homes have mice, and 3 out of those 6 folks don't know it! Mice, rats, squirrels, all wild mammals (birds too) carry fleas and lice.

The house mouse or mice that you might have in your house are often mistaken for the common field mouse, and sometimes even rats. Field mice sometimes get in a home, but rarely want to stay. The house mouse seeks out human habitats and sets up housekeeping forever. All these rodents make a lot of noise when running through the attic, walls, or a ceiling voids. People often think squirrels have invaded their home because of the loud noise that is made. I've heard folks say "Sounds like their moving furniture up there." It's usually the tiny house mouse.

All rodents are known for their gnawing ability. Mice not only can cause structural damage from chewing, but cause hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fire damage (chewing electrical wiring), just in the USA every year. This guide will help the do-it-yourselfer or the person who wants to hire an exterminator. This guide makes sure you get your moneys worth and a whole lot more!

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The Chapters in the Guide are:

....... Introduction...

....... General Description of Mice...

........Signs of Mice in General...

........Signs of Mice - Where to Look...

........Using Common Types of Traps, Baits, & Poisons...

........Surveying Your Home Outside - for Exclusion...

........Conclusion - When You Think They are Gone...

This How-To Guide is jam-packed with information not only on mice, but on squirrels, bats and other animal signs you might encounter while dealing with the pesky and dangerous house mouse. This guide is all the info that you will need to be successful in eliminating the house mouse in your home, forever.

Most people don't know that they have mice until they see droppings, find a mouse nest, or come across some mouse cache (stored food) in a basement cupboard or on a shelf. Sometimes their urine will give off a strong odor, and fresh urine from rats and mice will fluoresce (glow) under a black light.

For example, if your car engine has a problem, and you have all the tools and desire needed to fix it, what's missing? The repair manual. You wouldn't just start tearing apart your engine without a plan, would you?

If you have mice, YOU NEED A PLAN. This guide is a nuts and bolts plan that anyone can follow and get the results needed in their first attempt at getting rid of this pesky and potentially deadly rodent. Also, there are drawings on the last page that show you how to place traps correctly. Yes...there is a wrong way! Safety issues are also covered.

Call an Exterminator or an Urban Wildlife Manager if you must, but make sure you purchase this guide to make sure the job is done right and you have a reference for later. Having a mouse free house forever is a very realistic goal.

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Folks, please do not ask me how to do things. The answers are in the booklet (guide). Some people are abusing the e-mail. I do not have the time to go into long answers. You will get the results you need, when the guide is followed. Thank You, and have a Great Day!

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